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tv   Starting Point  CNN  October 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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packed show. congresswoman marsha blackburn, mark kelly, gloria allred and daredevil nick wallen da. "starting point" begins right now. good morning, welcome everybody. our "starting point" this morning jerry sandusky defiantly declaring his innocence from behind bars. in two hours the former football coach will be in court to learn his fate for sexual abusing ten boys. he has released a videotape giving a preview of what he's likely to say to the judge this morning. susan candiotti is live for us from bellefonte, pennsylvania. susan walk me through what he says. >> reporter: hi. it's a remarkable statement coming on the eve of the sentencing. he lays the blame at the feet of a lot of people and he's not one of them. he defiantly lashes out at
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police, at investigators, at penn state and, yes, even the victims. >> they could take away my life, they could make me out as a monster, they could treat me as a monster, but they can't take away my heart. in my heart i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. my wife has been my only sex partner and that was after marriage. >> now why would he release it at this time? there was a meeting in chambers yesterday and the judge made it clear that jerry sandusky was not allowed to criticize the system when he spoke in court at his sentencing. what's the next best thing? arrangements were made for him to make a statement and release it by a radio station. now victims will also get their chance to speak in court after jerry sandusky talks for about five to ten minutes. some of the victims will have statements read for them, by prosecutors. others will face jerry sandusky
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directly and we have obtained and excerpt from one of those statements. victim number five. it reads in part quote i hope and pray when your honor sentences mr. sandusky that you consider the real harm he has done to me and others, and take into account the tears, pain and private anguish i and others have suffered. identify also learned some of the jurors will be in court this day. this is a closure for them too. they want to hear jerry sandusky say he's sorry. it looks like they won't. >> i would like him to say he's sorry, and i would like him to apologize and to recognize that what he did was wrong. but my -- i don't believe that's what i'm going to hear from him. >> reporter: and at this hour you can probably make out over my shoulder, there's already a line of people waiting to get in. a lot of people want to hear
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what jerry sandusky has to say. >> i think a lot of people are surprised by what he already said in these releases. susan candiotti for us this morning, thanks. obviously she's covering that for us all morning. we'll talk with jeffrey fritz, an attorney for one of the victims. other stories making news. john berman has an update. >> a lot of news. stunning number in that scary meningitis outbreak. we're learning some 13,000 people may have received contaminated steroid injections. the death toll is now at eight. 105 people in nine states are infected so far. the cdc says 75 medical facilities in 23 states received the bad drug behind the infections. the company that makes the medication has now recalled it. >> two new polls shows how tight the race is. each painting a different picture. a new poll by the pew research center has governor romney leading president obama by four points. that poll conducted after the
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presidential debate. in this poll more voters identify themselves as republicans. last month they said they were democrats. that's when the president was up by eight points. the latest gallup tracking poll gives the president a five-point lead. this was conducted before and after the debate though his lead did tick up yesterday. president obama in a mitt romney will campaign in ohio today, a key battleground state. we have some live pictures to show you from athens, greece. that's where protests are taking place as german chancellor angela merkel visits. she's despised in greece as most consider her as the architect and enforcer of drastic cuts imposed on greece by the european union. protesters took to the streets early. hundreds of police are on stand by. greek government officials will attempt to pass another $17 billion in austerity cuts to qualify for more bailout money. another big story we're following this morning, a record setting jump on hold for now.
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felix baumgartner was getting ready to scale the heavens in a special balloon and capsule just before a 23 mile free fall. free fall back down to earth. but this record breaking free fall on hold due to weather. for now at least, cnn's brian todd is live in roswell, new mexico. what's the latest, brian? >> reporter: john, at least a slight hold on the operation due to the weather. the winds at 700 to 800 feet up are a little higher than they are comfortable with, 17 to 18 miles per hour. they want it to calm down to 5 miles per hour. a slight hold on the weather. this still could come off in the window they allotted. that window begins at 8:30 eastern time. our photojournalist can zoom into the capsule. you can see it at the end of that yellow crane. the balloon is next to it although you can't see it too visibly from the naked eye here
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but this is the feel where the balloon and capsule will be launched from there once it goes up it will take 2 1/2 to three hours to get up to the edge of space. felix baumgartner will step off the capsule, that whole dive will take 15 minutes and during that period he'll hopefully break the speed of sound about 690 miles per hour, john, a slight hold on this for now but hopefully this will come off later this morning. >> brian todd in roswell, new mexico. he's jumping from 23 miles high. jumping from 23 miles up. >> i think brian's key word is hopefully in all that. that's what we're watching. back to our "starting point" this morning sentencing day for jerry sandusky. jeffrey fritz is the attorney for victim number four, the young man who portrayed sandusky as a father figure who took him to football games even as he said the football coach abused him in private. that young man is 28 years old and will be speaking in court
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today. mr. fritz, what's his reaction to this really snippet of three minutes of jerry sandusky on the radio, or recording where he really points fingers at the victims and says i didn't do it. >> well, good morning. his reaction is that of anger and he will demonstrate to the court and tell the court and tell jerry sandusky what these crimes have done to him, his family, and the lives of all the victims. >> so, as you know -- i'm sorry were you going to say something? i'll get to my next question. let me ask another question. so, as you know, in court, i think jerry sandusky has set the tone of what you can expect today. is your client prepared for how this could go? he's going to get up and say something. after jerry sandusky talks that could be very tough. if jerry sandusky says listen, you're a liar and, in fact, you're the one who is
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victimizing me. >> it's saddening to hear the comments as they came out on the radio from mr. sandusky and as i anticipate we'll hear some of today. but it's not shocking, and our client is prepared to face that, and move from the point of being a victim to being a survivor. >> here's a little bit of what jerry sandusky said in his tape recording and i think it gives us a good sense of the direction he might go today in court. listen. >> think about what happened. why and who made it happen? evaluate the accusers and their families. realize they didn't come out of isolation. the accusers were products of many more people and experiences than me. look at their confidants and their honesty. think about how easy it was for them to turn on me given the information, attention and potential perks. i never labelled or put down them or their families. i tried and i cared. then asked for the same. please realize all came to the second mile because of issues.
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some of those may remain. >> he's important training himself as the victim. what do you think the impact of that recording could be and as an attorney what's the strategy behind that, do you think? >> he's placed in a cage and lashing out and jerry sandusky is in denial that he committed any crimes which is typical for a serial pedophile, especially somebody who is notor oimpb us as sandusky. >> that victim will be speaking in the courtroom today. thanks for talking with us mr. fritz. we appreciate your time. i find this recording -- it's just shocking. >> it's stunning. you asked what the strategy is behind it. all i can think of there's none. >> no advantage. it just looks as if he's
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re-abusing the victims by denying his convictions and also in terms of they can't take away my heart. that's a really, really interesting -- what's in his heart. does he have a separate set of rules and standards in himself. a dark heart? i don't know. >> you can jump into that and say yes and now he's in serious denial. >> a jury found de. >> interesting to see how much time the judge -- all this is to present to a judge. and see how much time the judge gives him. still ahead, we'll be talking to former astronaut mark kelly about this now on hold big space jump daredevil felix baumgartner is supposed to be doing that. also, this former astronaut has written a new book, a children's book inspired by his first visit to space and they brought mice with them. it's really, really cute. dramatic pictures as firefighters refuse to give up efforts to save a dog caught in a fire.
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got some pretty incredible rescue tape. christine? >> imf is warning that global growth will slow. what does you want mean for you and your 401(k) next. you're watching "starting point". [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice.
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[ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee. that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ welcome back to "starting point". minding your business, california's gas prices rising again over the past 24 hours. the statewide average is now $4.67. this is measured by aaa. it's the highest in the country. some gas stations have been selling gas more than five bucks
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a gallon. this price spike largely because of refinery and supply problems in california. we're told by gasoline energy experts that they expect the prices to begin to ease but for right now still hurts out there. a u.s. stock futures are flat indicate being markets will open unchanged. stocks closed slightly lower yesterday. there's uncertainty weighing heavily. the international monetary fund lowered its global growth forecast. for the next year expects the u.s. economy to grow at 2%. the eurozone look at that 0.2%. not growing. china 8.2%. looks pretty good. these are all weaker forecasts than their last report in july. for ten years china was growing at 10%. even slowing down a little bit to 7% or 8% and causing concerns. >> as john was talking about a moment ago the presidential race is a whole new ball game according to at least one new poll. the pew research next shows
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republican mitt romney leading president barack obama 45% to 49%. they were asking republicans more these questions. pew talked nor democrats last month. gallup's daily tracking poll shows president obama ahead of mitt romney by five points. let's go to marsha blackburn, a romney campaign surrogate. the poll numbers the significant rise for mitt romney and drop for barack obama, is that simply the calculations of the debate, do you think? >> i think the debate had a lot to do with it because people wanted to concisely and specifically see how mitt romney would move forward and function as president. so the debate weighed into that. i think also people are doing a lot of research. i'm talking to a lot of undecided voters in the swing states and what i'm hearing from
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them is that they are online, they are researching, they are reading, and they are in a very independent and thoughtful way making up their mind who they are going to vote for. >> when you look at likely female voters i thought this poll was very interesting. back on september 12th through the 16th which is on the right side of your screen you can see president obama up 56 to romney's 38%. but now 47-47. i thought it was interesting, congresswoman black burn no one talked about any women's issues at all during the debate, nobody talked about birth control or equal pay or abortions which are your classic women's issues. what do you think accounts for that shift? >> i think there are a couple of specifics there. number one, the number one issue with women is jobs and the economy. the other issues that they are talking to us about are what your going do to repeal and replace obama care. they are incredibly concerned about out of control federal
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spending and the debt. and what that does to their children's futures and likewise they are very concerned about foreign policy and national security. and we're quite upset about the mishandling and the missteps around the actions that occurred on september 11th in egypt, in libya and the attacks against our embassies. so i think those security moms looking at national security, economic security, retirement security, and they are saying i'm not comfortable with track i've been on the last four years, and i like what i'm hearing from mitt romney. >> and i'm sure on the gop side are hoping that that trend continues. you know, when you often talk to politicians, i'm going to guess you include and you ask them about polls. polls, polls, if they are losing, i never follow polls. here's what conservatives have been telling us over the aft little while about how they feel about polls. >> i believe it's head-to-head in new hampshire.
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and i've seen enough other polls to tell you that that is a piece of garbage. >> people need to understand that the polling this year is the worst it's ever been. >> so authors conservatives. on the democratic side, a pollster for the obama campaign here's what he had to say. polls now that we're done, polls, please. listen. >> i know this is a story that the media wants to drive but at the same time you have a poll where the president is ahead and the gallup poll and reuters with the president ahead. it's not about the polls. this is a tight race and democrats understand it's a tight race. >> never about the polls. if you're not doing well in the polls. talk about the polls. igmore the polls. where do you stand on that? you've been in this game a minute as a politician. >> yeah. i have to tell you the one poll that counts is the poll on election day. and at the ballot box. and the goal and the objective is to constantly communicate
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with your voters and your constituents and to make certain that they know where you stand on the issues and to be honest. and forthright with them. identify always told my constituents you may not always agree with me but you are always going to know where i stand. and that one to one relationship and then certainly the communication continuing and watching what happens at the ballot box, that's the poll that counts. >> thank you for talk with us. >> so good to see you. have a great day. >> vice president biden and congressman paul ryan will get their turn to tackle the issues facing the country. you can watch the vice presidential debate on the hurricanes live at 7:00 p.m. eastern on cnn and on still ahead on "starting point" got to see to it believe it. this boy, talks about being bullied and the bully shows up and literally bullies him on camera. we'll tell you what happened next. "starting point" team is headed
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in. they will join us in just a moment. and we're following the story, pictures from roswell, new mexico, 23 mile skydive. it's on hold. the weather a bit of a problem. will it happen? we're watching. "starting point" will be back in just a moment. , and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule. but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] dayquil doesn't treat that. huh? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief to all your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth!
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welcome back everybody. you're watching "starting point". our team this morning, ryan lizza. you were out late last night. we were out together, concert last night. and about 2,000 other people. together with lots of other people. roland martin will join us in
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just a moment. not on my show. will cain is a columnist. john berman is here as well. he's so quiet. our get real this hurricane warning. this is so sad. a little kid says he's been a victim of bullying ever since he was in sixth grade. high school sophomore. he decided to fight back last week after he was tackled by another student in school. for that he got a three day suspension and he was told he couldn't attend the high school's homecoming dance. that's when he fought back against the bullies. he decided to go public about his experience. got ready to do an interview with a local tv station. on camera the bullies come over and chase him. they pushed him, punched him in the back of the head. he ran into the school to report the incident. that incident was caught on tape. >> you have to stand up for someone who is getting bullied and i want needs to stop.
7:26 am
>> he's very strong. but i think he's a little bit shaken up with what today. >> poor kid. his school reversed its decision. they said that the fighting back thing instead of not being allowed to attend the dance he can. he went and had a good time. the school is investigating into bullying claims. bullying claims. preston, get a lawyer. >> you can't fight back? >> i heard this before. because what happens is everybody gets suspended for fighting. if you fight back everybody gets suspended. you know what's terrifying, imagine the gall when somebody is on camera doing an interview. >> 40-year-old man chasing him across the street. >> giant bully. scary bully. get a lawyer, preston. call me. will cain will represent you. >> free legal advice. >> you're good? >> i'm really good. >> still ahead on "starting point" talk about a new threat
7:27 am
from north korea about their missile capabilities, should the united states be worried about that. we'll take a look at that. they are the smallest estimates travellers, mice. just ahead we'll talk to former astronaut mark kelly. a new children's book based on a true story about a space flight he took with mice. mice for experiments. live pictures from roswell, new mexico. skydive attempt "from the edge" of space, we're going to bring you that. it's unclear when he'll jump. you're watching "starting point". we'll be back in a moment. when you have diabetes...
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welcome back. you're watching "starting point". mark kelly will be talking about the daredevil felix baumgartner's hopefully record breaking jump from space. also he'll join us to talk to us about his new book called mousenaut. we want to talk to john berman to get an update on our headline stories. >> centers for disease control says as many as 13,000 people may have received contaminated steroid injections. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us now. please break down these numbers. >> reporter: 13,000 people may have received this tainted medicine that's involved in the meningitis outbreak. so let's take a look at the most recent cdc numbers. they are reporting 105 cases of fungal meningitis. and eight deaths.
7:32 am
we expect those numbers to go up because it can take a long time from the time you get the injection until the time you actually feel sick. >> elizabeth cohen thank you very much. and in the next 30 minutes convicted sex predator jerry sandusky should be arriving in court for his sentencing. the former penn state football coach finds occupant his fate at 9:00 a.m. last night he released an audiotape from behind bars proclaiming his innocence. >> they can take away my life, they can make me out as a monster, they could treat me as a monster, but they can't take away my heart. in my heart i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. my wife has been my only sex partner and that was after marriage. >> sandusky said it was a well orchestrated conspiracy. >> north korea says its missiles can reach the u.s. mainland but some skeptics say it's all bluster. one analyst says it requires a lot of develop and testing and
7:33 am
what north korea has done so far he's not convinced. north korea made that claim after south korea made a deal with the u.s. to competent its missile range. in this is a leap much faith it's the biggest one of. you're looking at live pictures from roswell, new mexico. right now felix baumgartner's record setting skydive is on hold because of weather. the plan is for felix baumgartner to jump from a balloon carried by a capsule at the edge of space, 23 miles high. right now that's on hold but we're staying on that all morning. this is a story about dedication. firefighters responding to a call in texas, they found a lifeless border collie named leah. she wasn't moving when they found her or breathing. they put an oxygen mask on her face one specifically designed for pets. they worked for over an hour and would not give up until finally she responded. leah is going to be just fine. good job. >> i love stories like that. can you imagine firefighter, an
7:34 am
hour to help a dog, save its life. >> awesome. >> so as we were just talking about a moment ago an attempt by the austrian daredevil felix baumgartner to free fall 23 miles is now on hold. it's a little scary, a little risky, somebody who might know something about that is retired nasa astronaut mark kelly and husband of democratic congresswoman gabrielle giffords. he joined me earlier this morning to talk about this attempt and his new book called "ingenuoustron am r "mousetronaut." >> what do you think of felix baumgartner's attempt? >> a lot of risk. he's going to jump out of a capsule from the edges of space. but, you know, if he's got a good engineering team and his suit works and, you know, as he
7:35 am
hits the atmosphere, if he can with stand those forces and then finally the chute opens he should be okay. i'm optimistic. i think he can do that. >> there's a lot of ifs. if a good team, if the suit works, if the chute opens. is there any kind of a risk that you would ever take? >> well, certainly flying in a space shuttle as an enormous amount of risk. i don't no statistically what the risk there is. space shut simple a risky proposition to fly. we send guys out to do spak walks routinely and that's a similar thing to what you're looking at there with the exception he's his own re-entry vehicle. that's pretty hazardous. >> is there a scientific benefit to this? >> yeah, perhaps. maybe he has new technology in that suit to handle those force of re-entry. you know, i think any time you
7:36 am
try to do something hard with people you sometimes get some pretty interesting unintended consequences and in advances in engineering and science. >> be interesting to see and crazy if he's able to do it. let's talk about your book "mousetronaut." >> the true part of this story, in 2001 i was the pilot. we had 18 mice. of those 18 mice 17 stayed kind of latched on to the inside of their cages. very nervous about being in space. one little guy seemed to get it, enjoyed weightlessness. we enjoyed watching him a little bit and that was until period us the to this story. >> it took a bunch of years before you turned it into a children's book. why did you think it should be a children's book. why did you go into that area? >> well, you know, we have a crisis in education in this
7:37 am
country. and, you know, by most measures and some different coordination when you look at where the united states is, you know, whether it's early childhood education or math scores for high school students, we're often not even in the top 50 any more where we used to be at the top. i think it's important to have, you know, material for young kids to be interested in, and, you know, my experience has been that kids are interested in astronauts and space and they are also interested in animals. so i put the two there together and hopefully they will be interested in this book. >> hopefully they will want to be astronauts one day like my son who is in the building today. i thought it was the most incredible moments at the democratic convention when your wife gabrielle giffords led the pledge of allegiance. it brought some people to tears. >> i was in back stage trying to watch with a lot of other
7:38 am
people. i didn't get the full experience. it was a great moment for the people not only watching on tv but those in the stadium, but it was, you know, the best moment was or the person i think got the most out of it was gaby. she liked being there. and contributing. and, you know, somebody who has run for office before, you know, those people, they tend to enjoy interacting with folks and she got to interact with millions of people that night. >> how is her health? she looked great at that moment. i know it was exhausting. >> as you can see she had a difficult time walking on stage and she continues to work on that physical therapy and her right arm doesn't, you know, doesn't work at all, it's paralyzed. speaking is still something that she works on every single day with speech -- almost every day with speech therapy. we recently moved back to tucson and that's great for her to get back home.
7:39 am
she's continuing to improve. if she gets better she will have the opportunity to go back to work. >> astronaut mark kelly joining us. author avenue book called "mousetronaut." >> still ahead on "starting point" mitt romney got a big bump after the debate. one poll putting him well in the lead. did president obama throw the election. that's what a writer andrew sullivan is now asking. also this morning we'll talk about the big free fall from the edge of space that's now on hold because of weather. we'll see if that gets off today. we're live for your in roswell, new mexico. you're watching "starting point". we'll be back in a moment. mitchn tax policy center concluded that mitt romney's tax plan would cost $4.8 trillion over 10 years." vo: why won't romney level with us about his tax plan, which gives the wealthy huge new tax breaks? because according to experts, he'd have to raise taxes on the middle class
7:40 am
- or increase the deficit to pay for it. if we can't trust him here... how could we ever trust him here? a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying
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and tomorrow we will up it yet again.
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welcome back. a new poll by the pew research
7:43 am
center has governor romney leading president obama now by four points. the poll was conducted after the presidential debate. in this poll more voters identified themselves as republicans than democrats. last month in a similar poll more said they were democrats and that's when the president was up by eight points. there's a new article, little bit hysterical. andrew sullivan said it's over. he said obama threw the entire election away. called the poll results dea stating. too arrogant to take a core campaign seriously, too arrogant to give his supporters what they deserve. i've never seen a candidate this late in the game so far ahead throw in the towel like obama did last week and throw away every advantage. >> oh, stop. >> people on twitter also freaking out on both sides about the polls. >> i've known andrew for 15 years. and he's sometimes, one of my favorite writers but sometimes
7:44 am
is prone to exaggeration and hyper ventilation. >> daily beast. >> here's the deal. he's freaking out and i'll say it this way. he wasn't freaking out when he was up. i said guys the race will tighten up. i don't believe any of this stuff at all. if you also go gang busters because he's up you'll frequent out when he's down. this is why it's called an election. it's going to be tight. >> explain the difference between the more polling of republicans. >> two theories. one theory is that republicans were very excited after the debate and more willing to answer the phone and answer questions from a pollster. when you put a survey into the field you get more republicans to answer. the other theory is it's random luck. sometimes you poll more republicans than democrats. this is a big, big swing and internals are big swing. >> same argument conservatives made a week or two ago. you talk about sampling.
7:45 am
>> but there's a conspiracy that the pollsters are over sampling democrats to help obama. >> exact same argument. >> conspiracy part is what he's saying. >> or the fact republicans were more enthusiastic. >> the polls have shifted dramatically. he finds it discouraging specifically that. the president walked off stage and felt good about his performance. >> you agree 100% of the time? >> clearly. >> got to take a break. got to take a break. still ahead on "starting point" is learning how to read a fundamental right? students in detroit are suing saying their schools have failed them. also live pictures from roswell, new mexico where a 23 mile skydive that we were expecting minutes ago was put on hold at the last minute because of weather. you're watching "starting point". we'll be back in just a moment.
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. "i'm not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut.
7:47 am
that's not my plan." mitchell: "the nonpartisan tax policy center concluded that mitt romney's tax plan would cost $4.8 trillion over 10 years." vo: why won't romney level with us about his tax plan, which gives the wealthy huge new tax breaks? because according to experts, he'd have to raise taxes on the middle class - or increase the deficit to pay for it. if we can't trust him here... how could we ever trust him here? meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid.
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welcome back to "starting point". a few stories to tell you about. mexican authorities believe they have they'd of the murder of the zeta drug cartel. they believe he's been guild in a shootout. they are smarter than you. this year's nobel prize winners have been announced. the big winner serge haroche and david wineland for their experimental work on quantum optics which looks at how light and matter interacts. >> houston texans beat the new york jets in monday night football. the texans and the atlanta falcons are the only undefeated teams in the nfl. >> cowboys fan here. he's struggling.
7:50 am
it's all good. >> we're fighting in the commercial break. go ahead and pick on him. i'll climb over the table. i have four children oil take you out if i have to. come on. all right. thank you, john. let's talk about highland park, michigan, a really small area s detroit, just three square miles. once a vibrant community, former home of chrysler. now they have 27% unemployment, more than 40%, 40% of the population is living below the poverty line. highland park schools are performing even worse and neighboring detroit public schools. and it's so bad that they're being sue bid the aclu. poppy harlow is covering this story for us. good morning. nice to have you. >> good morning. when i saw this -- >> so sad. >> you have to go to see what's actual actually had an happening in highland f land park. clearly failing their kids. they've been doing it for decades. candidates are talking about education reform.
7:51 am
i don't think they're talking about it enough. but the aclu is taking matters in their own hands and sui the school district because of this tiny clause in mch's law. we went to find out for ourselves. take a look. woodward avenue, home of the model t and once the pride of highland park, michigan. now home to one of the worst performing school districts in the state. >> everybody is pointing their fingers at everybody else and nobody wants to take responsibility. >> reporter: claiming the district hasn't delivered on what state law requires, special assistance for students not read ing up to grade level. >> we felt given the dire conditions that a lawsuit was going to be the only route that would get everybody who needs to be at the table at the table, working together. >> so we went to see for ourselves. >> starting from the basis. that way nobody will be behind. >> just 25% of seventh graders in this district met state standards for reading last year
7:52 am
and only 7% for math. it gets worse. in 11th grade, only 10% scored proficientally in reading and less than 5% in math. >> what do these kids deserve? >> equality, fairness. >> are they getting that? >> no. >> theodosia taught sixth through aeighth grade in highland park for years. she said last year 65% of her students had had fallen behind academically. >> some of their performances were a low grade level and the means were not there to bring them up to grade level, such aas counseling, intervention. this didn't just happen yesterday. >> the lost opportunities bring her to tears. >> every child can and will learn if they're provided with the right opportunities. i just don't think they get that. i don't think it's fair. >> no plaintiffs in the lawsuit
7:53 am
were willing to be interviewed. and few families with failing children would talk to us. but then we met a frustrated grandmother. >> i went to the school. they told us he was reading at a third grade level but they're steady passing him on. still passing him on. >> her grandson, freshman garrick lee steven loves football and wants to be a marine. >> what's your message to the schools? >> teach kids more education. >> because g aarrick has a learning disorder, aclu lawsuit would not provide to him. >> from aan academic perspective, there have been deficiencies. >> zero percent college readiness on the aact, despite funding more than $13,000 per student, among the highest in the state. joyce parker is tasked with improving the district. >> reporter: where does the money go? i know there aren't enough books for all the kids to take home their books. >> in terms of overaall administration, the district was not managed properly. >> reporter: she hired charter school operator, the leona
7:54 am
group, to try to fix things. >> see you tomorrow. >> reporter: what they can expect from us is student achievement. they can see, expect to see student growth. >> reporter: but none of the michigan schools operated by the leona group rank in the top 50% state wide. the leona group has only just taken over this system, which has been ailing for years. are kids getting sold short here? >> definitely. >> reporter: 1997 graduate keith holl aandshed blames the district for leaving him unprepared for the university of michigan. >> i didn't have the core in police to achieve in math or write a great paper. it continuously breeds a population of people that are unprepared for the world. >> the state of michigan has moved to be dismissed from a lawsuit. we say we know the district is in terrible shape but a lawsuit is not a path to literacy.
7:55 am
what we're going to keep an eye on is this charter operator, the leona group. they don't have a stellar record. none of the schools are in the top 50%. >> how long have they been in the district, though? >> they've taken over some. we'll keep an eye on them. the question with them is why was it the leona group? some of the people with the knowledge of the state's thinking say that wasn't the right choice, a rushed decision. their record isn't strong enough. and whether this is the solution for the kids or not, the aclu says it's absolutely not. we'll try to go back in a year. they told me in the interview that these kids' test scores are going to go up. so we'll go back and see are they going to go up? 37% graduation rate. >> either has dropped out or moved on as ninth graders. >> i'm glad they're suing. >> that's not the right answer. lawsuit. >> that was my question. why sue? >> you have no other options.
7:56 am
>> live pictures from bellfonte, pennsylvania where jerry sandusky is expected to walk into the courtroom in any moment. we learned now why he released a three-minute audiotape defending himself. that's straight ahead. a skydive attempt from the edge of space. it's on hold right now. they've got to make some decisions about the weather wooemplt watching that, too, in roswell, new hampshire. we've got that straight ahead as well. are made with real ingredients you can see. like whole roasted nuts, chewy granola, and real fruit. nature valley trail mix bars. 100% natural. 100% delicious.
7:57 am
7:58 am
100% natural. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
7:59 am
welcome back, everybody. it's our starting point. sentencyi sentencing day for jerry sandusky. last night he proclaimed had his innocence, pointed fingers at the victims in this recording. listen. >> why, and who made it happen? evaluate the accusers and their families. >> evaluate the accusers and
8:00 am
their families. well, now we're getting a little more insight into why he did that tape. we'll share that with you straight ahead. plus a live look at atkins, greece. more and more protesters, angela merkel is arriving there. more pictures from roswell, new mexico, to see what's happening with that skydive. let's see those pictures. pretty amazing. we're not sure if it the launch is going to happen. weather seem to be an issue. famed attorney gloria allred is going to join us. nick wallenda will talk about the edge of space skydive. it's tuesday, october 9th. "starting point" begins right now. welcome.
8:01 am
our team this morning, ryan lizza, washington correspondent for the new yorker. roland martin, washington watch tv host with tv one, will cain, and john berman from "early start." enough, you two. i'll have to separate you. less than an hour to go before we hear what happens with penn state football coach -- former, i should say, jerry sandusky, finding his fate out today in a sentencing. he released an audiotape, proclaiming his innocence, and blaming his downfall on one of his victims and what he calls a well orchestrated conspiracy. also a preview of what one of the victims will say in court when he gets a chance as well. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. yes, jerry sandusky wanted his voice heard in public before the sentencing and now he has done
8:02 am
it. he is lay iing the blame for wh happened to him at a number of people's feet, including investigators, the family, penn state. yes, even the victims. and though jurors found him guilty, he insists he did not do it. >> they could take away my life. they could make me out as a monster. they can treat mes aa monster but they can't take aaway my heart. in my heart, i know i did not do these alleged, disgusting acts. my wife has been my only sex partner, and that was after marriage. the young man who was dramatic, veteran accuser and always sought attention started everything. he was join bid a well orchestrated effort of the media, investigator, the system, penn state, psychologists, civil attorneys and other accusers. they won. >> reporter: some are submitting
8:03 am
statements to the court read into the record by prosecutors but others have chosen to face jerry sandusky directly and will also read statements. we have an excerpt from one of those statements. victim number five. here is what he will say, in part. quote, i hope and pray that when your honor sentences mr. sandusky that you consider the real harm he has done to me and others, and take into account the tears, pain and private anguish i and others have suffered. and, of course, there will also be letters from supporters of jerry sandusky read or put into the record. soledad? >> in his head, susan, he has himself versus the young man, who was a dramatic veteran accuser, as he calls him in that clip we just played and the media, investigators, penn state, the system, civil attorneys, psychologists, other accusers. why did he put out this statement? what was the strategy or the rationale behind this?
8:04 am
>> reporter: well, you know, soledad, i learned there was a meeting yesterday in chambers. and during that meeting, the judge made it abundantly clear that jerry sandusky was not to criticize the system that tried and convicted him. now, having said that, we now know what happened next. a statement was made available. his defense attorneys helped make that happen, given to a radio station and they played that very criticism that he was told not to speak. his attorneys say, hey, there's a first amendment free speech. he should be allowed to say what he wants to say and so he did. it's interesting to see in court whether this comes up in any way, shape or form. prosecutors have been wanting to cross examine him but usually that doesn't occur with this phase of allocation. back to you. >> susan cannedioti has been covering this story for us for a long time. thank you, susan.
8:05 am
appreciate it. gloria allred, victims' rights attorney. good to see you. >> thank you, soledad. >> my the victim is what he's saying and lists everybody else who, for some reason, would be conspiring against him. susan said part of the strat i didn't was he wasn't going to be allowed to say that in the courtroom so he's getting it out and getting it on the record first. how do you think that impacts what will happen in the courtroom today? >> well, i think that it was a desperate attempt to get sympathy. i don't think it's going to get anywhere with the the judge. the judge is the one that is going to do the sentencing. and, you know, he tries to attack what he calls the alleged accuser. and others. these are victims. he suggests that maybe the children from the second mile, perhaps, have issues, as he calls them. well, often predators do prey on children, do prey on victims who have issues.
8:06 am
they are the most vulnerable. and that is why they get preyed upon. they are targeted because they are vulnerable. so that is really, to me, disgusting that he said it. it's offensive that he said it. and in addition, he tries to suggest that there were financial motives. certainly victims do have a right to be compensated in the civil justice system if, in fact, there has been a conviction in the criminal justice system and sometimes even if there hasn't been a prosecution or a conviction. that doesn't mean that they were not telling the truth because they are seeking financial compensation. >> early this morning, gloria, i was talking to jeffrey fritz, the attorney for victim number four as that young man is now known. here is what he was telling me his client would say in court today. >> his reaction is that of anger. he will demonstrate to the court and tell the court and tell jerry sandusky what these crimes have done to him, his family and the lives of all the victims.
8:07 am
>> what kind of an impact could that have on the judge? and how much time, realistically, do you think that jerry sandusky could get? >> well, he's going to get many, many years in prison. i would say that it's highly likely that he could spend the rest of his life in prison, unless and until, of course, if the case is reversed on appeal, which i don't think is likely but it's always possible. but because he a's convicted of multiple counts involving sexual abuse, then i think that he can get a very, very lengthy sentence. >> you, obviously, dole with victims all the time in your work. what happens for these young people? many of these young men are 26, 27, 28 right now. do they feel a sense of closure? can they move forward once today passes and sandusky goes off to jail for prison forever or does it just never end for them? what have you seen? >> there's still a child inside
8:08 am
of them. there's still a young child who has often a vivid memory of the abuse, and sometimes these memories are sharper and more in focus than others. for many of them today, maybe one of those days where it is more in focus because it's hard not to think about what has been done to them. some of them may have been in therapy for years, some of them may not have been in therapy but really needed the therapy and need it now. so, no, i think it isn't a matter of forgetting. it's a matter of trying to process it, trying to put it in perfect spe perspective. and it's really important that they have the support team, their therapist, their family, their friends, their co-workers, whoever can be there for them, their lawyers. and to know that there is some justice. and that's important. because many child sexual abuse victims can never feel that they've won any kind of justice. but here, instead of always being on the defensive, as a
8:09 am
victim, they are moving from victim to survivor and for some of them, perhaps, fighters for change. >> gloria allred this morning. thank you, glora. nice to see you. appreciate your time. >> thank you. john berman has other news for us this morning. what have you got for us? >> a skydive on steroids. in roswell, new mexico, the jump is on hold due to weather. special ballooning capsule is scheduled to carry baumg aartner 23 miles straight down at a speed of nearly 700 miles an hour. this guy is jump iing or wants . we'll talk to dare devil nick wallenda about the jump in minutes. 13,000 people may have received contaminated steroid injections, which means a lot more cases are still possible. eight people have died in this outbreak. 105 other people in nine states are infected. cdc says 75 medical facilities in 23 states received the bad
8:10 am
drug behind the infections. the company that makes the the medication has now recalled it. we're going to show you a live look at athens, greece, where protests have been taking place. it looks calm but a lot of people on the streets. security is very tight for angela merkel, considered the enforcer of drastic cuts imposed by the european union, as greek officials attempt to pass another $17 billion in austerity cuts to qualify for more bailout money. things getting hot there in greece. president obama and mitt romney will both campaign in ohio today, key battleground states. two national polls show the race basically tied at this point, taken after the debate gives mitt romney a four-point lead over president obama, 49% to 45%. last month that same poll had romney trailing the president by eight points. there is good news from the president. latest gallup tracking poll has him leading romney by five
8:11 am
points. some of that survey taken before the debate but a lot of it taken after. starring big bird, produced after mitt romney declared he would cut funding for pbs during last week's debate. it is laced with sarcasm, casting the sesame street character as an evil corporate fiend. >> bernie madoff, ken lay, criminals, glutton of greed. and the evil genius who towered over them? one man has the guts to speak his name. >> big bird. big bird. big bird. >> it's me, big bird. >> a menace to our economy. mitt romney knows it's not wall street you have to worry about. it's sesame street. >> i am going to stop the subsidy to pbs. >> mitt romney, taking on our enemies, no matter where they nest. >> campaign street says the recent campaign appearances eight mentions of big bird, five mentions of elmo, zero mentions
8:12 am
of libya and zero plans to fix the economy, saying that the big bird references are small. every time that ad has been p y played this morning, everyone has erupted in laughter. >> that chart is not close -- >> that's very funny. very funny. john, thank you. >> you think he's sinister, big bird? >> looking. >> my son may disagree with you on that. still ahead on "starting point," this man is trying to break the sound barrier, dare devil felix baumgartner. will he jump or not? >> just do it. >> depending on the weather. just stop. nick wallenda knows about scary moments and taking risks. did you see this? qvc host faint hes, in the middle of selling stuff. look at that. she passes out. her co-host's reaction even more surprising. we'll share with you what happened next.
8:13 am
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welcome back, everybody. you're look at live pictures from roswell, new mexico, where there's this planned skydive. it's now on hold because of the weather. no wonder the austrian dare devil going for the attempt is fearless felix. maybe not fearless of the weather. he is expected to complete a record-making sound barrier breaking skydive today, above roswell. we'll have to wait and see, of course. they're supposed to make their decision in the next hour, whether or not they're going to go forward with it or scrap it all together. nick wallenda is also a daredevil, world renowned tightrope walker, the first to ever cross niagara from canada to the u.s. would you ever put on a space suit and drop from 23 miles? >> i don't know if i would sxl re-create something like this, but i have many dreams of doing
8:17 am
different events, different stunts that definitely test the limits. all of us dare dvls devils have something inside of us that we desire to inspire people and prove that the human body can withstand more than you could imagine. i commend felix for taking on this achievement. >> it's really risky. i'll read some of the stuff for you. it's gross, honestly. the temperature can reach negative 70 degrees fahrenheit, the vacuum can turn your body fluids into gas and you could, potentially, reach a lethal spin rate. that's not even the full list of bad stuff that could happen when you do something like this. you know, you take on these risks. i'm sure there's a long list of the things you're attempting as well. people are saying nik, here are all the risks you're incurring. what makes you go forward with it? >> something inside of us. the things they don't talk about are all the science and engineering that go behind these events. the study and the research they've done over the last -- well, someone has done an event
8:18 am
similar to this, i believe it was in the '60s. so probably about 60 years ago, someone had done this. not from this high. i believe it was 102,000 feet. it has been done before. they have past practice. all the studying and research that goes into something like this is something you don't hear. it's always the negative. that's part of what we do, building drama. we're daredevils as well. >> your blood begins to boil, what you were describing. he has an airtight suit. but if air gets in, his blood can begin to boil. that's interesting, you were talking about how much research goes into this. what do you think something like this costs, this jump project he has put together? >> you know, i have no idea what it would cost and how much research they've actually done on it. i know it's quite vast. i would say, you know, easily in the millions of dollars that go into an event like this. >> red bull is behind this. >> yeah. >> fascinating. how long does it take him to fall? >> 23 miles. >> 15 minutes.
8:19 am
>> between 10 and 15 minutes, free fall until he's about 12,000 feet above earth a's surface. will he see the curvature of the earth. which is amazing gl no human being has broken the sound barrier. they don't know how that will affect you, breaking the sound barrier, plummeting to earth. >> it's really the weather that's holding it up at this moment. all this science put on hold for something like weather. let me ask you aa question, nik. next thing you're going to try to do is whack across the grand canyon on a tightrope. >> that's correct. that is one of my dreams. that's something that will be coming up, most likely, next june. i'll be the first person in the world to walk directly over the grand canyon. >> how far across is that? >> it's over half a mile. we've had to choose a location that is somewhat tv friendly. there are spots i could go eight or nine miles, which is what i really wanted to do. it would take eight, ten hours and probably get fairly boring
8:20 am
for viewers aat that point. >> i don't know that that would ever get boring, to watch you cross the grand canyon. that's going to happen next summer. what are you doing to prepare for that? >> a lot of training. i'm doing the bank of america 500,ness next nascar race in charlotte this saturday and many, many other events i'll be doing leading up to that as well as the training for that event is pretty rigorous. i'll be training here in sarasota, actually, for that. the exciting thing about it is that i've found a network partner, which we haven't announced yet. i will not be wearing a tether for that one. >> on your grand canyon walk? >> how do you train for that? >> grand canyon or nascar walk, ni can nik? >> grand canyon. >> no tether? >> don't tell me that. >> my network partner came in last minute and told me i had to wear it for niagara falls but we found one and signed an agreement where i will not be wearing one. >> how about a big net? i'm fine without the tether. >> as long as your blood doesn't
8:21 am
boil. >> your blood will be fine. nik wallenda, thank you very much. >> he can't get any insurance. >> isn't that crazy? what makes somebody do that? he doesn't want to wear the tether. every student's fantasy. we'll tell you why one high school has banned homework. just testing it the next couple of years. it's today's tough call. you can watch us live on your computer or mobile phone. go to . up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. well, if itmr. margin?margin. don't be modest, bob.
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8:25 am
good morning. welcome back to "starting point." i'm christine romans. unchanged right now. third quarter earnings adding to uncertainty, heavily weighing on markets. no question company earnings and global economies are slowing. international monetary fund lowered its forecast for global growth. it expects the u.s. economy to grow at about 2%. eurozone, 0.2%, basically not growing and china, 8.2%. one major risk imf cites, the fiscal cliff. that's why 60% of money analysts surveyed say congressional elections are more important for stocks than who wins the president yl election. fiscal cliff is automatic spending cuts and tax increases, 30% on average fper family. congress is running out of time to fix it. >> how often have we said that? congress is running out of time.
8:26 am
>> they're not doing anything, though, unless they're running out of time. >> sometimes they still don't do anything. >> even after they run out of time. tough call this morning. one high school in germany, elsa branstrom. they've done away with with homework. it comes out to a 44-hour workweek or school week, doing aaway with homework. they want to give kids a chance to unwind a bit. and the quote is this. the teacher, head teacher says no child would be having their free time dominated by doing school work. they'll do more of their school work in class. >> 44-hour school week, they better not have school work. >> at the end of the day they're in a structured environment, that's really what the focus is. and so we could actually learn from that as opposed to saying, leave. go away and then we'll see what
8:27 am
happens. come back. you don't have your homework. >> my oldest kid is 4 years old. all three of you have older kids. i'm terrified of the day when he brings home two hours of homework a day and i have to help with it. >> you're sitting there going in between. the little guys don't have that much homework. >> when they're testing it on the kids. what if this test fails? what's going to happen to them? >> they don't believe in having these big gaps of time off. they think you don't retain the information. france, for example, they'll have a short holiday in the summer, but they'll have half saturdays. >> i support it. >> chicago is going in that direction. >> flip it. what if it works? not if it fails? don't be so american. >> be an optimist. >> what if it works? >> kids being guinea pig. >> they're guinea pigs every day. parenting is basically guinea pigging.
8:28 am
jerry sandusky is what we're talking about this morning. jerry sandusky -- we'll have detail details on what's happening there just ahead. making the race for the white house even tighter. can he maintain the post debate bounce? will the president make a comeback? we'll be talking to senator dick durbin. tough day for qvc host who passes out on camera. it's what her co-host does that's actually even more shocking. we'll show you, straight ahead. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
8:29 am
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welcome back, everybody. your watching "starting point."
8:32 am
you're looking at centre county courthouse in bellefonte, pennsylvania. jerry sandusky is expecting to arrive at that courthouse any moment. we're watching that. he will find out if he will spend the rest of his life in prison for molesting young boy. we're expecting to hear from him in a statement that's expected to last somewhere between five and ten minutes and victims, at least three, will be making statements to the court this morning, two to mr. sandusky, to his face and a third at the very least will be read by prosecutors. we're obviously watching this story for you and will bring it to you when it happens. other stories making news, john has that for us. roswell, new mexico, supersonic skydive on hold due to weather. felix baumgartner will be carried to the edge of space, 23 miles up and then jump. if you think that sounds rivengy, it is. other news, new york courtroom for muslim cleric accused of terrorism, known for
8:33 am
his rad dic aalan tie western sermons was extradited from briton to the u.s. along with four other men, faces 11 counts of terror-related charges, including conspiring to create a jihadist training camp in oregon. osama bin laden once called him a hero. shooting death of trayvon martin, gladys zimmerman appeared with piers morgan in disguise -- she was in disguised, not piers. she blamed the media for false perceptions of her son and has a message for trayvon's mother. >> he is sorry for what has happened. it is a tremendous tragedy for both families and i'm very sorry for the loss of their son. >> zimmerman's mother says she believes in the u.s. justice system and in her son's innocence. take a look at this. a wacky play from last night's
8:34 am
yankees/orioles playoff game. you're looking at a double down the line. that's ichiro suzuki. he should have been out by a mile. matt wieters seems to have missed the tag. make it is back and scores. amazing play. look at that. nimble man that gave the yankees the lead. but the o's came back and won. john jay chasing this fly ball to center field. crashed into the wall there. an amazing grab. carlos beltran had two home runs in this game, 12-4 win. series goes back to washington, d.c. for the first playoff game in the nation's capital in 79 years. they'll be enjoying that there. this was a scary moment on qvc when guest host cassie sl aain, on to sell an android tablet for kids faints on live tv. >> but, you know -- it --
8:35 am
>> are you okay? okay. what it does, it gives us an opportunity -- >> i'm not sure if you can hear that right there. what was happening even as the cameras cut away, the co-host doesn't skip a beat. she's fainting. he's going on selling, pitching. slain posted on her facebook page she's feeling a lot better. another co-host said she was suffering from low blood sugar. >> always be closing. fainting? whatever. keep closing. >> soledad, if that ever happens to you, i just want you to know -- >> i pass out on the floor and you'll jump in? >> woel take over. >> i've been a tv anchor for a little while. i know that to be the case. let's talk polls, shall we? romney campaign and supporters celebrating this morning pew research poll shows mitt romney
8:36 am
leading president barack obama 49% to 45%. the opposite of that was true last month when the pew research center conducted this poll, which had better news for the obama campaign. in gallup's daily tracking poll, the president is still leading by 20 points. some predebate numbers are factored in there, though. obama campaign surrogate, senator dick durbin, thanks for being with us. >> sure. good to be with you. >> appreciate that. the headline is did obama just throw the entire election away? and it gets worse from there. tell me a little bit about if you think, in fact, that this polling you're seeing -- the polling is literally due to what happened that night in the debate. >> we always said it would be a close election. i believe it will be. disappointed, of course, with the debate. believe the president understands his challenge now. he was shocked and surprised.
8:37 am
many of us were. mitt romney came on that set at the first debate and said things which completely contradicted what he said in the campaign befo before. i think it caught the prz a little bit by surprise. he won't be surprised again. >> you cannot tell me that his poor debate performance was he was sitting there, stunned in front of the american public as opposed to presenting his side of the argument. people have talked a little bit about the air, pressure from the high altitude. >> high altitude. >> people have talked about a lack of practice. certainly can't be i was just stunned, standing there, listening. >> i'll just tell you that the president understands the challenge of the debates. more importantly, he understands the challenges that face us in our country. take a look at what happened just a few days after the debate. the good news that we received about the increase in jobs in the private sector, the fact that the unemployment nationally had gone below 8%, 31 straight months of private sector job creation.
8:38 am
that is the kind of good news that i think will have more lasting, staying power than any one single debate. >> so now mitt romney has sort of changed his tune on that. before, as you know, in the campaign they would talk about how the unemployment number was above 8% and the president's people had said it would be below. now that it's below, he's saying this. let me run a chunk. >> we have seen the slowest recovery from a recession in history. matter of fact, i just read if you look back 60 years and you look at all the months we had with unemployment above 8% before president obama, there were 39 months. in all 60 years with unemployment over 8%, with this president it had been 43 months, under one president aalone. he does not understand what it takes to create a real recovery. i do. >> that's the new take on the numbers going below 8%. is the president still vulnerable then he they frame it that way? >> i have a simple question for governor romney.
8:39 am
would those numbers be better or worse if we would have followed your advice and allowed the american automobile industry to tank? remember, he said step away. let them go bankrupt. hundreds of thousands of jobs were created because of president obama's leadership. now here is governor romney saying, i know the way to create jobs. he would have destroyed jobs across the midwest and across america by allowing the automobile industry, major players, gm and chrysler, to go bankrupt. the george w. bush economic policy created this recession. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month when president obama came to office. we have created more than 5 million new private sector jobs. we're moving in the right direction. why in the world would we want to go backward? >> you look at these poll numbers outside of the big one. look at the economy. the question was obama doesn't know how to turn the economy around. this is the pew poll again. 54% now say they agree with that. that's problematic. pew questioned likely female
8:40 am
voters. the numbers were heavily in the president's favor, 56% to mitt romney's 38%. now that's tied. that has to be problematic for the president who has been touting his lead with female voters. whether or not you support mitt romney strongly, now 67% up from 56% last month. do you think the invoice presidential debate will turn the tide for the democrats? >> two presidential debates, a lot of campaigning and some events that you and i can't even predict are going to occur in the next four weeks. here is the bottom line. we are moving in the right direction on economic recovery. governor romney's approach of allowing the automobile sector to go bankrupt, stepping back and going to the old policies of george w. bush, that isn't going to turn this economy in the right direction. it's going to turn us around in the wrong direction.
8:41 am
the american people will come to understand that. most of them do. any given poll question, soledad, i can't tell you. those polls are taken every day with a lot of different questions. i know that's what you base many of your questions on, the people you bring on your show. but i think i feel -- and continue to feel that this campaign is moving in the right direction. >> thank you for talking with us this morning. we appreciate it. let's take you back to bellefonte, pennsylvania. we have some shots there. it looks like dotie sandusky and her attorney have arrived and that is jerry sandusky's attorney. we're obviously watching what the judge is going to say today. jerry sandusky could get life in prison at the end of this day. he will know his fate. we will, too. we've got to take a short break. we'll continue to follow this story. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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well km back, everybody. some breaking news to get to. jerry sandusky is making his way into the centre county courthouse in bellefonte, pennsylvania. a reddish jump suit as he is brought in, in cuffs. today is the day his fate will be decided. he will face a judge. the reason he made that audiotape where he literally blamed the victims for the fact that he is now found guilty in these child predator charges, he made those tapes because he felt that he wanted to get word out before he could do it in front of the judge. the judge made it clear he wouldn't be allowed to do it today in the courtroom. let's get right to susan canned
8:46 am
y cannediot i, who has been following this for us. lay out for me what's going to happen today. >> reporter: the first thing that will happen in court is that he will be designated a violent sexual offender. that's what's expected to happen. and then jerry sandusky will finally get to make his statement in about feev to ten minutes. his wife, dottie is also in court this day. she has submitted a written statement. so have some of his adult children and other supporters of his. then there will be a chance for the victims to address jerry sandusky directly. some will. some have elected to have prosecutors to read a statement for them. and then the sentence will happen. up to 400 years, perhaps, running back to back. more likely those sentences would be running concurrently. jerry sandusky, 68 years old. more likely than not to be spending the rest of his life in jail. >> jerry sandusky, we're told, his attorneys will have ten days after the sentencing to appeal the decision. susan, spell out for me in that audiotape released from jail
8:47 am
yesterday. it was bizarre, frankly, i thought, where he literally blamed the victims of his assault and said that he was ultimately the one who was a victim. explain to me why he would think that would be a good strategy for his hearing today. >> reporter: what a stunning set of circumstances here. putting that out, his public voice, through a radio station. the judge, evidently yesterday had warned everyone that injuje sandusky was not to be critical of the process. so this possibly was the only other way he would be able to do that. we know in a statement that he is not going to say i am sorry. he has already said that he is not going to admit guilt. he believes he didn't do it. but for him to state that he could blame it on everyone else and extend a wider conspiracy, get that notion out there, this may be his one opportunity for quite some time to be able to get out what he wanted to say.
8:48 am
>> and, susan, i should mention -- forgive me, susan. i just wanted to mention we're looking at videotape we're replaying of dottie sandusky as she arrive d at the the courthouse a few minutes ago, as she's walking up into the courthouse for the start of this sentencing today. i'm sorry for interrupting you. carry on. >> reporter: no worries. and, as well, jerry sandusky wearing the red prison outfit, jumpsuit or whatever, also is shackled and it appears as though he may have a bulletproof vest on underneath that. remember they've been very concerned about security, as they have been throughout this proceeding. the lawyers representing some of these victims have said, you know, it's a -- they always hope that the defendant in this case will say "i am sorry." and for him not to do so really blunts their aability to try to heal themselves. but these are very brave victims. it has been said time and again, to have gone through what they went through, testified in trial
8:49 am
and now some of them to address him directly. this may, in fact, be a good way for them to try to heal and possibly to help other victims of sex abuse. >> the story has been such a horror. again, pictures we saw earlier this morning of jerry sandusky. i think you're right. susan candiotti was saying maybe he had a bulletproof vest under his prison garb. i would agree with that. that's what's under that red sort of jumpsuit. susan will continue to follow what happens in court throughout the day. appreciate that, susan. still ahead, singer ash aanti and knicks sharpshooter joining us, talking about how they're making dreams come true through the garden of dreams program. we're back in just a moment. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
8:50 am
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the chitchat on the set is out of control. all the boys talking about fashion. it's terrifying. for near ly a quarter of a million kids in new york city, garden of dreams has been a magical opportunity to explore some of the best, biggest iconic experiences in new york city. garden of dreams foundation has been helping kids in foster care, homeless shelters across the city since 2006. new york held an event like many they put on throughout the year, featuring celebrities from the new york knicks, new york rangers, radio city rockettes. new york knicks legend and current assistant general allan houston joining us today and grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, co-hosting aa show on fuse, ashanti.
8:54 am
so much fun with these kids. tell me about your connection to garden of dreams. >> it's a wonderful foundation. i think just to be able to reach out to so many different found aation and help these dreams come aaalive, under privileged kids, kids in shelter homes and things like that, it creates a a unique situation a. >> take all these great experiences, they can go to new yo york, radio city hall, the new york knicks. tell me about that. >> you hit it on the head. you take all the properties of the knicks, rangers, liberty, radio city music hall, msg networks and all these brands come together to provide these once in aa lifetime experiences. and you have 22 partnering
8:55 am
organizations. like ashanti said, you have foster homes. there's so much they do from -- you know, you have hospitals, you know. >> kids who really need the help. these are kids who really need the help. >> yeah. >> is it an experience that tran sends one day -- pictures of playing basketball with jason kidd. outside of that, is it a lasting experience for them? >> i think they come back yearly, right? >> yeah. >> it's a week they have these activities they can do. it's like a family that continues to grow. you begin to see the same kids over and over. >> soledad, sometimes things like the new york knicks or ashanti for that matter seem removed from the world. is this a lasting experience? yeah. it makes it seem this is achievable. i've been inside the garden, i've interacted with allan houston and ashanti. >> sometimes you see madison square garden you think of the
8:56 am
knicks/rangers. it takes the whole brand and wraps it all atogether and provides this experience. one of my favorites was the talent show radio city music hall, singing, dancing doing poetry. darryl mac is hosting. you see this experience. they can walk on radio city music hall and show their gifts and talents. >> i just wasnreally want to me the rockettes. >> the owners team of the nba, did y'all sign any tal aenter up? y'all need some young players now. you're all old. >> you don't need as much time to do what you do. speaking of the knicks, i got something just for you guys. i had a afeeling you were going to bring that up. >> you know i'm a rockets fan, but go right ahead. jerry lin is now with the rockets. >> we got you covered. we got you covered. you can feel and look younger when you think about -- >> i like the bling. thank you very much.
8:57 am
>> my fireplace will say thank yo you. >> ashanti, allan houston, thank you. still ahead this morning, we're talking about this trial we've been watching and aftermath, sentencing for jerry sandusky in court. here say live look at the courthouse and jerry sandusky as he was making his way into the courthouse. looks like a bulletproof vest under his prison g aarb. we'll update you. e plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel®, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers,
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